First Aid & Cariad Medical Support


Cariad has a team of serving & retired emergency service & military medics along with trained community members who attend events & productions across Wales and the UK. 



Cariad can provide tailored medical cover to all types of events. With a team of specialist managers to assist you in all stages of planning from risk assessment to deployment, Cariad can provide cover for any type and size of event, anywhere within the UK.

Cariad volunteer medics have an expertise in many different types of events including, cycling, music, rugby, football and road running events along with a wide range of corporate events and Festivals.

We deliver a variety of event and medical services to individuals and businesses, which are effective, and meet current regulations at all times. With a professional uniformed approach, we are confident that your needs can be met whatever the event anywhere within the UK. 

Cariad has a wealth of experience working with film productions and television across the UK and Europe. We can provide a wide range of skills and equipment ensuring a safe, friendly and professional environment for all crew and cast.